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"My vision is blurred every day, as the form becomes a brand .... "


Peintre Non Figurative Abstract

We moved around a questioning of Non Figurative Abstract.
The gesture, light, movement, color and accuracy of the composition of his works feed his research and experiments.


Diaporama : Eric CHESNEAU-15peint - Diaporama


Defining and implementing simple words on the concept of "No Abstract Figuration (1) " Is I think the hardest thing to do.
This notion "No Abstract Figuration" becomes every day a pillar, founder,
what I am and what I become.
The "No Abstract Figuration" this dialogue offers indoor / outdoor, open to all, because it offers the opportunity to communicate with his own relationship to the world
React to form, light, space, color, movement, dialogue of the line, is within reach of all, they are all places, different civilizations, different cultures simply by opening his eyes beyond the mere appearance.
It is even possible to an awareness of what surrounds us
and interacts with us ...
The material that dissolves, transforms us and outside us,
The infinite, inter-dimensional movement.
What is amazing is that a transformation of consciousness is possible at any moment, and we can suddenly
fundamentally change the perception of self and what surrounds us, with a glance .....

dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddEric CHESNEAU


PS: (1) the "No Abstract Figuration"
concept summarizing my thoughts and my work on the non-representation.
This concept includes the concerns of Non Figuration and Abstraction.
This is to give an abstraction to figuration not allowing free movement between these two movements.
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